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Check out these useful links below:

Awesome kids crafts and fun things to do: Kids projects and crafts using flowers...very inventive, need to check it out! - kissing hand activities Furry fun twists. Lots of fun and inspire your kids to use their imagination. They are like gigantic pipe cleaners. This company makes lots of fun toys to spark your imagination. Great "gingerbread" houses. For holidays other than Christmas. It is fun and well worth the time and money!

Add to your reading list - wonderful books/magazines to read with your child:

The Magical Tales Family Traditions:

The Magical Tale of Halloween Dust by Patricia Cardello-

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn -

High Five Magazine -

Places to go and see: Check it out for reviews, more about the musical, actors, etc. A must see show! A wonderful vacation experience for all ages!

Other useful links:

Guide to smart home tech for the disabled:

The Ultimate Guide to Home Modifications for Persons with Disabilities

useful tips to keep your kids safe brings a new spin to an old tradition of fundraising for your kids team sport, dance/cheer team or what ever activity they maybe involved in...also a great site for boasting self-esteem and teaching life skills. a journey in sibling loss Rescue organization for all kinds of dogs and breeds throughout the country