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Teach your kids to be accountable

Posted on January 24, 2018 at 2:00 PM
Click on the link above to hear my friend and fellow mom of 3 kids, Lauren, share her ideas on kids and accountability.
How many times, even as adults, do we not take #accountability for our actions?  Many times I am faced with situations where I have to stop and make sure I am taking #accountability for my actions.  Whether it is a choice we make at work, in our daily life or with your kid.  Take #accountability for your actions.  Teaching our kids to do this now will make them be better adults. They will be able to survive better in all areas of life.  The responsibility of taking #accountability will effect them personally, in school and then eventually in the business world.  There are many adults I know that do not take #accountability for their actions, as I watch in disbelief, I want to ask them "Are you kidding me?"  You can't tell you are the reason for that mistake or reaction to your action"....Now I am not perfect, nor do I pretend to be, but as I grow older, I have realized that taking #accountability makes me a better person, mother, wife and will teach my daughter to be a better kid, friend and eventually, adult.  #Makethetime and #takethetime and #teachyourkidstobeaccountable for their actions, no matter what the result of their action. 

#takethetime & #makethetime to #raiseamazingkids

Thanks for stopping by at Moms, kids and friends,  "Where moms get together and share ideas about kids and life".  All of my best, Dyan

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