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MOMS, KIDS AND FRIENDS – “Todays Funny, Cutie Quote” A funny story, cute quote, funny idea, laugh out loud, smile moment. Today I am #grateful for my daughter

Posted on November 3, 2017 at 3:18 PM Comments comments ()
MOMS, KIDS AND FRIENDS – “Todays Funny, Cutie Quote” A funny story, cute quote, funny idea, laugh out loud, smile moment. Today I am #grateful for my daughter

This morning I went into my office to organize and pick-up. As I started shuffling through papers, organizing mail, bills and such I came across this cute #lovenote for my daughter.

She does this from time to time, she leaves me little #lovenotes. #Iloveit when she does it because it makes my day! It seems that I always have a pile of something to go through my office and when I am in there working and come across one of these notes, I smile….and sometimes, I even take the note and stick it in the bottom of the pile so I see it again when I am finished with my task. I know it sounds crazy! But it makes my day and makes the tedious task so much more worth it!

When I came across this #lovenote my daughter left me. I thought it was so cute and I laughed out loud, So I wanted to share it!
Slime may be all the rage right now, but I am happy to know that mommy (at least in her world) still comes first!
I have to believe that in showing my daughter how much I love her with #hugs and words and spending #qualitytime with her and #MakingTheTime & #TakingTheTime to spend #qualitytime with her, has made a huge difference in her life and mine!

I hope you enjoy today’s #cutiequote
And I hope you#MakeTheTime & #TakeTheTime
All of my best, Dyan

Grateful Pumpkin - #funeasyinexpensivekidcraft

Posted on November 1, 2017 at 3:57 PM Comments comments ()

Grateful Pumpkin - #funeasyinexpensivekidcraft

Our October was so busy with fun that we never had the chance to carve our pumpkins this year (or I tried to squeeze in last week, but with everything we do in the last week of October it would have been forced and rushed. My daughter was fine with it because she had already decorated two pumpkins for Halloween and as the week quickly went by, I was already starting to think about what else I would do with these pumpkins. The idea of #gratefulpumpkin came to me and I was more excited about these than that's what we did!
What we used to create our #gratefulpumpkin:
1. A pumpkin (any size but bigger let's you write more things you are #grateful for - which is so important to teach your kids being #grateful)
2. Fall color construction paper
3. Glue stick
4. Sharpies
5. Scissors


Cut a pretty design out of your construction paper. If your child can write have them write Our #GratefulPumpkin on paper, if not you can write. Glue to front of pumpkin


Have each person in your family write something you are #grateful for and add one thing everyday. By the end of the month you will have many things that you and your child are #grateful for and can reflect on each day. That's it!


What we learned: How to #reuse items around the house, the use of scissors, practice writing, spelling and being #grateful of course!
What we shared: Creativity, fun, discussing what #gratitude is and why being #grateful for the wonderful people and things in our lives is so important, quality time and memories.
My husband even got in on our #grateful pumpkin which is atypical for him to join in on our moms,kids and friends stuff. #ILoveit....this became a family thing.


#Makethetime and #takethetime today to share time with your family and talk about #gratitude, what your #amazingkids are #grateful for, what you are #grateful for and the importance of #gratitude!
I am excited to hear my daughters responses each day. We have one rule. If it is already on the pumpkin and another family member has written it, we can not repeat what we are #grateful for, but have to come up with something new.
My daughter is so excited about this simple and fun way to express her #gratitude, she said she wants to come up with two things everyday!
You'll be glad you did! 
All of my best. May you have a wonderful start to this November. Dyan

Make today a fun and safe Halloween!

Posted on October 31, 2017 at 1:06 PM Comments comments ()
#Halloween already?  Yes it is!  Halloween is a time for making memories and having fun!  This morning my daughter couldn't tell me enough how excited that she was for Halloween.  While today is a great day for enjoying time with your kids, it also can be a dangerous and unsafe holiday.


I came across this very informative post from Amber Alert GPS so I wanted to share.  I have added a link to this website as it has a wealth of information to keep our children safe not only on #Halloween but on everyday of the year. They offer a great GPS device so you can know where your children are...not to check up on them...but to keep them safe! Please see the link on my links page as I believe all of the information will benefit you and your kids.

Make it a #safeHalloween.

All of my best, Dyan

See below for #tipsforasafehalloween

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids
Copyright © 2014 Amber Alert GPS, All rights reserved

Summer is over, the children are back in school, and Halloween is here.

While your little ones are busy deciding whether they want to be a Frozen character or a Marvel superhero, you’re wondering what you can do to keep them safe this year.
We’ve got you covered. Here are 7 safety tips to keep young children happy, healthy and safe this Halloween: 

#1: Supervise Trick or Treating
Trick or treaters under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult. As you’re making the rounds of your neighborhood, remind your children of basic safety rules such as only knocking on doors with exterior lights on and never entering a stranger’s house. 

#2: Review Traffic Safety
More children are struck by cars on Halloween than any other night of the year, according to the Safe Kids organization. That doesn’t mean you should be scared to let your kids out of the house that night, but that you need to make sure they understand how to be a safe pedestrian.
Review the following rules with your children:
  • Look both ways before crossing the street. (Ideally, you should look right, left, and then right again.)
  • Only cross at street corners, stoplights or crosswalks.
  • Never cross against a green (or yellow) light.
  • Never run when crossing the street.
  • Stick to the sidewalk between houses.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of a stopped car and wait for them to wave you on.

#3: Double-Check Costumes
Whatever your little one wants to “be” this Halloween, make sure their costume won’t post a safety hazard.
Costumes should be the right size for your child so they don’t trip over them, and materials should be flame resistant. Watch out for any potentially dangerous accessories like swords and teach your child not to swing these items around as they could hurt other kids (or themselves). Do a test run with any makeup to make sure your child isn’t allergic to it.
For added safety while they’re out and about, consider adding reflective tape or stickers to your child’s costume or bag and giving them flashlights or glow sticks to carry with them.

#4: Bundle Up
Halloween night can bring everything from mild temperatures to wind and rain, depending on where you live. Make sure your child will be covered for the weather, and add extra layers underneath their costume for added warmth. Also make sure they’re wearing warm, dry shoes they’ll be able to walk in easily.

#5. Decorate With an Eye for Safety
Keep your kids, and others, safe by making sure your front yard and driveway don’t pose any risks to trick or treaters. These areas should be well-lit, free of debris, and clear of any wet leaves (or, heaven forbid, snow) kids could slip on.
Stay away from fire hazards by opting for solar lights or faux “candles” lit by bulbs, and make sure they aren’t placed anywhere they can be knocked over.

#6: Set Candy Rules
Unless you personally know and trust the neighbor handing out homemade treats, it’s always best to play it on the safe side and toss any unwrapped items like cookies or popcorn balls. Ditto for candy with a torn or punctured wrapper.
Discourage your children from eating candy while they trick or treat—the sugar can add up fast, plus it can pose a choking hazard if they trip while they’re walking. Make sure your kids don’t trick or treat on an empty stomach, and when you get home, hold their candy stash for them and dole out reasonable amounts as you see fit over the days to come.

#7: Advise Against Stranger Danger
Your children should know that not all "strangers" are bad -- some strangers, like police officers, are the ones they should seek if they're in trouble. Talk to them about the myth of "stranger danger" and help them understand how to distinguish a potentially dangerous stranger from a safer one.

Halloween is a time when everyone seems very inviting, and kids can get overly excited and forget what you’ve taught them. 

Remind your children of what to do if they’re approached by a stranger, invited into a stranger’s home or car, or if someone asks them for personal information. If they have a safety wearable like AlertGPS attached to their costume, remind them that they can send an SOS with the simple push of a button.
Did You Know...

The Amber Alert GPS safety wearable helps your kids stay safe all year long.  Here are a few tips on how the wearable can be used on Halloween night --

1. Know your neighbors. Don't let your child knock on the door of a registered sex offender! The Amber Alert GPS safety wearable offers a feature that allows you to check an area for the homes of registered sex offender locations. Take advantage of this feature before your kids go off trick-or-treating. You can even get a text message if your child comes within 500ft of a registered sex offender's home on Halloween night (or any other night of the year.)

2. Set a "safe zone" around the area where your children are trick-or-treating. This zone could be as narrow as a block, or as wide as the entire neighborhood -- that's up to you. If your child wanders outside of their safe zone, you will get an instant alert.

3. Stay connected. Use the 2-way voice calling feature in case you and your child get separated. Thanks to this feature, you and your child can talk to each other with the push of a button.

4. Stay aware. Do your older children love to stay independent on Halloween night? Do they dislike following their little brother and sister around? No problem. Just use the geo-location map to see exactly where your children are. 

Copyright © 2014 Amber Alert GPS, All rights reserved

#Happyhalloween party - #simplefun

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 3:22 PM Comments comments ()

We had our annual #happyhalloween party this weekend! As usual we were pressed for time but worked hard to make it happen! Incase you decide to throw a last minute party for your kids we wanted to share a few ideas.
My daughters food choices were a cute addition!
Cheese, olive and chive flour tortillas decorated as pumpkins.

Cutie oranges peeled and decorated with celery leaves to look like pumpkins.
We used purple organic grapes on skewers to give our serving platter a finished look.

The left over celery we washed and cut and added almond butter and decorated with dried cranberries.  I found a better finished version of this on-line

Unfortunately, I did not have all the ingredients, but if you do I would suggest these instead.

We made witches brooms with cheese sticks Snyders GF pretzels wrapped with the chives.  There are many varieties of these on-line we used chives already cut and ready to go much easier and faster prep time. 

And of course our magic potion station!  The kids always love this!
#magicpotion drink for kids
 We made rice krispie treats, instead of cutting them or shaping them into pumpkins, we made a silly pumpkin graveyard batch...definitely a time saver!


This years activities included decorating pumpkins, making slime and Halloween #Mad Libs. 
Your local grocery should have small pumpkins for less than $1....and the kids love to decorate these.  We typically use stickers/pens/stamps or paint.  Whatever we have on hand.  Another way to save money on your party!
We love slime!! 
I found these containers at the dollar store so the kids could mix and take the container home.  No mess for me and the container is perfect for the slime so it doesn't dry out!  We always give a party favor to our guests.  These gifts were around $3.  Not bad for a pumpkin and slime!!

We love Highlights in our family.  The book we used for our mad libs is a wonderful book of Halloween Mad Libs from Highlights.  My daughter picked two out she wanted to do with her friends.  I made copies for the girls.  When they finished filling them in they each stood up and read to each other.  One thing I always do at our parties is include something educational.  This activity made the girls think and they also practiced reading and speaking in front of others.  Of course they don't realize this...because they are having fun too!
#madlibs educational #simplefun

At the end of the day I received the best compliment ever!  One of the girls said to me that we throw the best parties ever!  #ilove it  It made our day!

#Maketime & #Taketime to spend #qualitytime with your kids this #Halloween.  Whether you go all out or do a couple simple things.  It is this time, any time, that we spend with our kids, that makes a difference in their lives and yours and helps you to raise  #amazingkids 

All of my best!

Happy Halloween #DIY Haunted House

Posted on October 27, 2017 at 2:35 PM Comments comments ()
This is a repost from a past #Halloween.  I just loved doing this so much I had to repost!!  It is wonderful to look back and see our #HappyHalloween families (ghosts, monsters and pumpkins) come together for a super cute, inexpensive and fun #DIY #Halloween decoration.  Store bought is easy because you just put it up and your done.  But making these #funeasyinexpensivekidcrafts brings memories that last a lifetime!!   Also bringing a sense of accomplishment to your child and a real feel of holiday traditions that you can create together.   I hope you enjoy making them as much as my daughter and I did.   All of my best, Dyan


Even if your kids are too young to go to a Haunted House you can still create one at home and it doesn't have to be scary either.  My daughter is getting older and is starting to understand all about #Halloween and loved doing all the #Halloweencrafts We finished up our craft week with a Haunted House that goes with all of our other Happy ghouls.  We then displayed it on a table and it really turned out to be a super cute #Halloween decoration/centerpiece for our buffet table.  This craft is fun, easy and inexpensive my motto! 
#Whatwelearned -  Measuring and cutting. How messy glue can really be. Being creative is total #kidfun
#WhatIlearned - My daughter can draw her very own haunted house and didn't need my help!!! She also spelled Boo on her own and is getting quite good at drawing ghosts all by herself. A happy moment for both of us.
All you need:  Small to Large size box (we used a medium one), several pieces of black construction paper, scissors, glue, white marker or crayon, miscellaneous Halloween stickers (foam or regular or both) and some small tea lights for the walkway.

How to:
Fit black paper by cutting to size and glue around the box.
Take your white crayon and (depending on how old your child is) let them draw their own version of a haunted house, add windows, doors, a fence, trees, what ever inspires you or your child.
Add tea lights for a special touch.
Your done!

#inspireyourchild  raise #amazingkids


Posted on October 26, 2017 at 5:53 PM Comments comments ()

One of my favorite #funeasyinexpensivekidscrafts for #Halloween. You also are #reusing some of the items from around your house!  My favorite thing to do when making crafts.  I thought I would share again.  As it is already October and we have already started on our #HappyHalloween decorating. 

I love #Halloween! 

I love the childhood memories of picking a character for a costume (my mother made many of mine from scratch), dressing up and trick or treating.  The memories of #Halloween have changed for me over the years and now as a mother myself, #Halloween has become fun again! 

My #Halloweencraft today is easy, fun and inexpensive, Happy Pumpkin Family.  

For all you moms out there that say you can't be crafty, think again.  You can with a few products and some you might already have on hand.  All of my best, Dyan


All you need is:  paper towel roll, scissors, orange paint, paint brush, green tissue paper, black marker, googley eyes and a hot glue gun.
Cut the paper towel holder in 3 parts- small, medium and large.
Paint with the orange paint.  Let dry.
Tear off green tissue paper, stuff in top of holder and twist a stem.
Glue eyes on with hot glue gun or other glue.
And make a nose and a mouth with black marker.
That's it!  #Funeasyinexpensivekidcraft.
#Whatwelearned: Your child learns to think creatively by finding items around the house, strengthens hands for writing by painting and drawing mouths and noses.
#Whatweshared: lots of fun painting and creating our pumpkin faces, and making our first home made #Halloween decoration and a fun memory!

Back to school dress rehearsal - What I learned from dad - #backtoschool

Posted on September 13, 2017 at 1:37 PM Comments comments ()
Please enjoy this past post of starting school this year.  Hope you enjoy and maybe even try it!  All of my best, Dyan

With summer winding down and the start of the school year just around the corner, it's time to start planning for that first day back to school...(unless you are like us and have already started back in the first or second week of August-more to come on our very special week).  I was talking to my father way back in May, discussing my daughters first day of school, which for us this year is kindergarten.  He had a great idea (didn't think so at first, but this one grew on me).   Have a back to school dress rehearsal.  Yes, dress rehearsal.  Wake them up as early as you would normally have to wake them up for school. As dreaded as that sounds in the middle or end of your summer, this idea can really pay-off.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized what a good idea this one could be for your kid and you.  Especially, if they are not a morning riser or not looking forward to that first day of school ever, first day of kindergarten or first day back to school in general.  This is a great way to get your child acclimated to the early routine of school and for you to have the chance to works out the kinks yourself (ie. - outfits picked out, snacks/lunches packed, and don't forget that positive attitude and smile).  Of course, you don't actually go to school, but after your dressed, eaten breakfast and ready, you can do something fun!  Like go to the park get some fresh air and exercise for both of you. 
When my dad and I discussed this idea of his back in May, I, at first was like....OK Dad, like I am really going to wake her up early just because....I thought, just nod smile and tell him good idea....while I was really thinking...summer is too short and goes by way too fast as it is to get her up one day early.  I do cherish my quiet mornings before anyone else is up.  The more I thought about it though, the more I thought, this is a really good idea!  So in my head I planned our very important "mock" first day of school, it would be the week before school starts on Tuesday.  We had no plans or activities scheduled.  We were going to get up, pack breakfast instead of lunch and head to the park as if a school day.  Even though temps would be a high of 102 that day, at 8 AM,  it would only be in the high 80s and we would be ok for at least 45 minutes out there.  My daughter and I discussed the "dress rehearsal"  she was excited and so was I the more we planned and talked about it.   
Unfortunately, the Monday before our big day, she got sick!  She didn't sleep well all night the night before and finally went back to bed at 4 in the morning.   There was no way I would wake her up, she needed rest to get better for real school the next week. She wound up being sick all the way up to her real first day of school. 
Sometimes our good intentions, ideas or plans just don't work out the way we would like them this case they didn't.  However, I did want to share this idea because it is a good one.  Even though your parents are different than you with their ideas or parenting styles, they have good ideas too.  Sometimes you may just want to nod and smile, roll your eyes or just agree because you know it makes them happy.  Either way take a chance and listen to the advice they offer, after all they did raise you.  All of my best, Dyan

How to make paper chains - Make one to count days til back to school #backtoschool

Posted on September 7, 2017 at 1:09 PM Comments comments ()
How to make paper chains. #backtoschool   Pick your favorite colors of paper.  Scissors, tape, marker and a ruler to make your lines to make your chains
How to make paper chains. #backtoschool Pick your favorite colors of paper. Scissors, tape, marker and a ruler to make your lines to make your chains
We used orange and blue. Uncle Jacks favorite Gator colors.
Cut your strips for your paper chains and label the days to go.
Cut your strips for your paper chains and label the days to go.
Good practice for writing and numbers too! Last paper chain write a message about School starting. Yea!
Make the chain, by taping each one with in each other.
Make the chain, by taping each one with in each other.
Hang where you can see everyday to remove each chain each night before bed.
The finished product.
The finished product.
My daughter loves this idea and she likes to know how far important dates are out. Paper chains can help with the concept of time. What a fun and wonderful way to bring in a new positive experience in your child's life. Give it a try and see if it makes your first day a little easier. All my best! Dyan

#CutestValentinesEver - #HappyHearts to you

Posted on February 13, 2017 at 2:01 PM Comments comments ()
Heart Balloons
Heart Balloons
First step - picked up balloons
Craft supplies
Craft supplies
craft sticks, glue, paper
Craft sticks
Craft sticks
Handwritten name
Heart shaped paper
Heart shaped paper
Valentines Day cards
Valentines Day cards
Valentines day card and gift bag
Valentines day card and gift bag
Valentine Girl puppet
Valentine Girl puppet
Our favorite
Balloons and Valentines gift bags
Balloons and Valentines gift bags
With puppets
Boy!  What a success!!  These turned out cuter than I could of ever imagined...they really were not that much work and the #Valentine card gift bag was not that much money to put together.  I found a deal on the balloons at a dollar a piece and the craft cards were only about a dollar each with a couple of pieces of candy what a hit and definitely the #CutestValentinesEver   What we learned:  following directions, practicing handwriting, trial and error-what worked best where, creativity, uniqueness-just like everyone looks different so did our hand puppets, teamwork, using glue, counting, sorting and filling with our bags and treats.  What we shared:  using our imaginations, our ideas, creating happiness and joy, a fun-filled couple of hours. 
What we used:
craft sticks
heart shaped paper (foam, stickies or construction paper will do) pink, red or white
pom pom balls
googlie eyes
decorative valentines day bags
couple pieces of candy to fill
heart shaped balloons
Enjoy making your #Valentines, whether homemade or conventional, just take the time to do it!  It will bring excitement and joy to your child and create memories for you both, that you will cherish forever. 
May love, happiness and joy fill your day this #Valentines.  #HappyHearts to you!  Dyan

#Thanksgivingcraft to treasure and keep - fun easy and inexpensive #grateful craft for #Thanksgiving

Posted on November 21, 2016 at 2:43 PM Comments comments ()
This is a repost from last year...and I still love these so I had to share again.  They were such a hit last year at the dinner table every guest felt special and loved the fact that my daughter created each one especially for them!!  My daughter and I loved these so much that we are using again this year for our guest place mats.  A #Thanksgivingcraft to treasure and keep!!  They are fun, easy and inexpensive to make (my motto)...What better way to show your children's love and #gratitude for their family and friends by creating unique place mats for all of your guests on #Thanksgiving Day!
What you will need to create these special take home treasures:

1. Orange, brown, yellow or white construction paper.
2. Different colored pencils, markers, crayons to create their masterpieces.
3. Scissors if paper needs to be trimmed to fit your laminator.
4. Miscellaneous Thanksgiving stickers (optional).
5. Paper laminator.  Caution:  adult should always supervise this activity as the laminator gets very hot!  If you do not have a laminator, you could use a thicker paper (i.e. poster board or paper cover sheets/pre-laminated sheets purchased at any office supply store.
6. Your child's imagination.

#thanksgivingcraftsCreate each place mat unique for each guest.
Use your child's hand to trace to make the turkey.  Then have them decorate, color or use stickers to make as intricate as they choose. You can label each place mat and then use them as place cards too!

What we learned:  Lots of stuff!  How to use our hands to make turkeys, how to draw leaves, colors of #Thanksgiving and fall, practiced hand writing names, worked on letters and spelling, practiced writing name, creativity, strengthening hands by cutting, using the laminating machine and practiced safety lessons.

I love crafts that reinforce learning!
What we shared:  Lots of fun!  Getting into the holiday spirit, memories, useful craft that we will have many uses (a #Thanksgiving Day card, place mat, place card and take home gift for our guests), creative ideas and a fun afternoon of spending time together.

May your #Thanksgiving holiday be filled with peace, blessings and many things to be #grateful for....may you take the time to enjoy the time with your family, friends and kids.  Grab some paper and create some special memories this #Thanksgiving and make these place cmats.  They are easy, fun and inexpensive to make.  #Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours.   All of my best, Dyan