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A #Halloween must if your kids are afraid of ghosts and goblins

Posted on October 24, 2016 at 1:36 PM Comments comments ()
Unfortunately, my husband was in the hospital last week.  he is doing better though, not quite where he needs to be, but better.
A good thing that came out of being there is that I came across a book about #Halloween.  "The Magical Tale of HALLOWEEN DUST by Patricia Cardello ( ) the link is also on my check out these links page .

This is a cute story about a brother and sister and their search for bravery on #Halloween.  While I was browsing the gift shop at the hospital, this book caught my eye because it comes with a soft bag of halloween dust.  

If you happened to see my family video on my video page, I mention that we like Happy Halloweens, not the scary Halloweens depicted in some books and movies. We like friendly ghosts and characters with smiles.  Pumpkins brimming with happiness and the magic of all things good!  This book was an instant must have for me!

My daughter is fighting to be more brave, not only at #Halloween, but every night she falls asleep.  As many children around her age are the same way.  

When we got back from the hospital, we immediately read the book that night.  And even though, it wasn't Halloween yet.  We sprinkled Halloween dust around her room, in her bed and on her hand.  She then sprinkled a bit more to be sure she had enough bravery to fall asleep.  To my surprise, (4 days and running), she has gone immediately to sleep.  No I'm scared, No can you turn on just one more light, nothing, straight to BED!  

I love this book, because I feel that it has helped my daughter have a sense of security in herself and bravery.   

#Halloween is a week away.  If your child is fighting with the same problems, run out and buy this book.  It may help you as it has helped us.  The author also has more books that relate to other holidays.  And if she hasn't written one yet, I am hoping that she writes one for kids, just like mine, who are scared to go to bed at night.  
#HappyHalloween!! May your child or children find the happiness in the holiday and leave the scary stuff behind.  I'm sure with a sprinkle of magic dust and your help they will!  All of my best! Dyan