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Make play dates fun! Themed play dates are one of my favorites

Posted on September 26, 2013 at 4:58 PM Comments comments ()
Getting ready for our tea partySetting the table with place cardsGetting ready for my guestsItems used to make our placematsMy daughters placemat
Play date events Calendar
Make play dates fun! Themed play dates are one of my favorites, I love them!! I really do.  Even though they are a lot of work sometimes (at least the way I like to do them) my daughter and I always have so much fun and the extra work I put in is worth it!
We had a wonderful play date with some of her friends.  My daughter is getting older every day and I got to thinking that all those costumes in her closet might not get the use they once did before Kindergarten started. Now that she is in school full time, she is so busy that we barely have time to do any of our favorites anymore. I thought, we are having a play date and we are going to utilize these costumes, tea set and princess stuff before she out grows it!  (The best part of this play date is your child will love it even if younger or older).
So, we invited her friends over for a dress-up princess tea party.  They were to come dressed up with clothes to change into for after.  My daughter and I set-up her table for tea and crumpets (which were actually cookies), she insisted on making place cards and a huge banner of the play dates activities which included making placements for their tea party and then we laminated them to take home to use at anytime.  This to me is the best part of planning play dates with my daughter for her friends, it allows her to come up with her own ideas and additions to the play date!
We had a wonderful time. Her friends came dressed up as requested and loved the idea of it!  They enjoyed their tea, snacks and making the placements.  Fun was had by all and us moms…we got to hang out talk and enjoy watching our kids play and create.
What we learned: Theme play dates are fun!  Even though a bit more work and some set-up is involved the reward is well worth it.  My daughter practiced setting up her tea table correctly, placing place cards and making a fun banner ‘a schedule of events’.  She used her creativity, practiced drawing, writing her letters.  She learned that half the fun of a play date is in the planning and brain storming ideas together to come up with a fun play date.
What we shared:  Fun, Fun, Fun...which is a must at my house, creativity in many ways, my daughter had a blast making her place cards. She learned how to spell her friends names and used their favorite colors, her banner kept her busy with coloring, design, drawing and taping together.  The best part of themed play dates is they bring a life of their own to new things to learn and create for my daughter.   She has the chance to participate and fill worthy of her wonderfully creative ideas, it promotes thinking and planning on her part.  I love it!  Her friends had a wonderful time of having tea, practicing manners and being creative with their placemats.  The one thing I learned is that not every mom is like me.  I love and enjoy doing these things with my kid.  My play dates give them the chance to share and be creative and I don’t mind doing this for them and my friends appreciate it as well (even though I am always secretly hoping they will see how effortlessly a few extra details provides many many benefits of learning, sharing and creating memories for them and their daughters to last a lifetime)!
Next play date...put your thinking cap on and plan a themed play date.  Plan with your kid, invite some friends over and start creating memories.  All of my best, Dyan