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Fun Inexpensive crafts we did for Fathers Day

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 7:29 PM Comments comments ()
Fathers Day Crafts
Fathers Day Crafts
Our fun Fathers Day crafts!
Fishing pole
Fishing pole
Love these! They are like gigantic pipe cleaners and you can make what ever your imagination desires! Yes, that is a fish on the right of the picture. Please see link page for more info on these.
Pencil holder
Pencil holder
Fun and easy to make.
What you need:
A clean rinsed can
popsicle sticks
paint and paint brushes
That's it!
First measure and count how many sticks you need, next paint all of the sticks, let dry and then glue on the can. When dry, present to who ever you are making it for....have fun!
Pencil holder
Pencil holder
Lots of creativity here. Colors, designs and easy to make
What you need:
Construction paper: Red/white and blue. Or whatever colors your flag calls for (I do not mean to offend anyone by this flag)
Scissors (always supervise your child)
Paint stick

First fold blue piece in quarters. Let your kid cut along the folded edge to get quarter piece.
Fold the red paper in accordion formation across til the end. Again, let your kid cut the length of the strip of paper.
Glue the red stripes on to the white piece of construction paper. I know this isn't an exact replica, but your child, depending on their age, can do how many ever stripes they want to make more real or unreal.
Next have your kid draw their design on the blue quarter piece. My daughter had so much fun making the stars and even labeled one star after each of her family members Daddy, Mommy and her star.
Then, glue the blue quarter piece on top left side.
Let dry a bit and then glue on the paint stick. We just happened to find one that was already brown, because my husband just used it to paint something brown. He got a huge kick out of the fact that we saw it outside and used it for our craft.
Done. The best part of this was finding that paint stick, again using our creativity and recycling at the same time!
Back Flag
Back Flag
Write whatever your heart desires. My daughter wrote a special message to my husband and also drew pictures and practiced writing her numbers for the year she made it. He loved it so much he put on his dresser to see everyday!!!

Sorry about the upside down and sideways computer is not agreeing with me today.
Thanks for stopping by. Have fun and enjoy your time with your kids. All of my best, Dyan

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