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Fathers Day Follow-up A day of crafts

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 1:34 AM Comments comments ()
We had a nice Fathers Day and we hope you did too!  Even though we didn't see my husband all that much as he wanted to work on his "to do" list for around the house, my daughter and I kept ourselves busy making crafts.  And boy did we make crafts!  We started with a Fathers Day card that she picked out herself.  And we made our first craft of the day.  A crown.  We brought him breakfast in bed and crowned him with his crown. We gave him his card which had a greatest dad button on it and told him he was king for the day! She also made him a fishing pole out of one of her toys that are like big pipe cleaners (see link on my link page-lots of fun).  Next up.  More crafts.  She wanted to make him a construction paper flag, so we did.  Simple, easy.  Then we made the last craft of the day a pencil and pen holder.  We had a great time crafting together.  I think we crafted from 9-4.  It was a ton of fun.  Every time her dad walked into the kitchen she would tell him not to look at what we were doing.  She finally wrote signs and put them up around the kitchen "No dads allowed"  Which is kind of funny since it was Fathers day.  We presented my husband with these gifts throughout the day and the other fathers day card she picked out herself.  He got a kick out of the fact that almost every other hour he was getting a special gift made for him by her.   The best part of all, we didn't spend one dollar to do them.  I had all the items around the house from other crafts we had previously done together. At the end of the day, when the crafting was done, we made him his favorite dinner, healthy style.  He enjoyed the day because he got to do what he wanted to do and received meaningful gifts from his daughter.  We enjoyed the day spending time together making crafts and using our creativity, spending quality time together.  Since Fathers Day has come and gone, maybe take the opportunity on dads next birthday to make some crafts together and present them to him throughout the day.  If his birthday just passed it just because...I am sure he will love it!  All of my best, Dyan
What we learned:  many things, using supplies around the house to create gifts, using our scissors to strengthen writing hands and coordination, the use of construction paper and making a flag, drawing different shapes, stars which are challenging for a 5 year old, practicing to write and learn new words "no dads allowed", creativity with the big twisties, painting, colors, design on our pencil holder, thinking outside of the box and using items from around the house to make gifts-we even opened up the can of garbanzo beans because recycling had just gone out to make our pencil holder and a side dish for dinner.
What we shared:  fun, creativity, new ideas, crafting time, quality time and many memories for all of us on a special holiday for dad.