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Mommy daddy time - I made time for it this weekend.

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 3:15 PM Comments comments ()
I wanted to follow-up to my video blog post last week on mommy daddy time.  I did it!  I made time for myself and my husband on Friday night.  We set up the babysitting time with our health club for Friday night parents night out.  It is only 3 hours and not that much time, but the reward was well worth it.   The funny thing about the whole night is that we really were not going to do that much.  By the time we dropped her off and got dressed to go, we only had an hour and a half, so we decided to just go for a drive in my husbands sports car that finally came out of the shop after the last 3 months of having work done on it.  The pros of this is that we are confined to a small space and all we can do is talk.  So, we took off for a ride.  The evening was nice and the sun was starting to set.  We drove for about 20 minutes before we got pulled over...was he speeding?  Maybe just a bit to avoid the car that almost hit us while going down the street.  So, for that brief second of time that he lit it up, yep, we got pulled over by the police.  We don't drink and drive and most times he doesn't even speed.  I tease him that he drives like my grandpa.  So most of our mommy daddy time was spent sitting by the side of the road waiting for the police to write up our ticket.  I asked my husband why he didn't even try to get out of the ticket. I would of explained that this is only a hand full of times that my husband and I have gone out since my daughter was born. We went for a drive, we have to pick her up in 45 minutes and are out just enjoying each others company.  We only sped for a second to pass the car that swerved into our lane and get away from him since it was Cinco de Mayo this weekend...could you give us a break?  But, as we know, men and women are completely different.  He didn't even try to explain or tell the cop our sob story of  trying to reconnect as parents and have mommy daddy time.  In the end, he got the ticket and we had just enough time to turn around and go pick up our daughter at the health club.  We did at least have time to get away for a bit, enjoy each others company and try to reconnect.  The sad but true part is...I think the ticket will cost more than a nice dinner out....priceless.
It's Monday, so take the time to make the time and plan ahead for the weekend.  You'll be glad you did!  All my best, Dyan
What I learned:  That even small moments of time spent together can be beneficial to you and your spouse, making the effort will bring rewards to your relationship, being in confined places forces and strengthens your communication (keep the music off or on low if your in the car) this will give you and your spouse the time and place to reconnect and that in most areas of life men and women are completely different.
What we shared:  An ironic memory that will go down in our constant battle to spend "quality" time together of making the time to take the time, a few can you believe it's??,  good conversation of our lives and plain old catching up on the weeks events.
I would love to hear from you.  Do you have funny/ironic stories of you and your spouse trying to reconnect and the universe getting in the way of your time together?  Send me an email at [email protected].

Secret to a long marriage - Make mommy daddy time

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 5:08 PM Comments comments ()
I have two important couples in my life that are celebrating their long loving marriages.  One is my dear friend of 30 plus years as she and her husband will celebrate 22 years of marriage this year.  The unique thing I think about them is that they are only in their 40s.  The other is my beloved in-laws, they will celebrate their lasting love for each other of 50 years!!  The secret to both marriages I taking the time to make the time for mommy daddy time.    I guess at this point in their lives, neither are addressed by mommy or daddy anymore, but that is not the important point here.  The important point is that both marriages have stayed together for many many years.  When I ask them both and reflect on their love it is because they made each other a priority.  Another thing they both have in common is that they traveled together.  You might not be a traveler or have the money to do it, but if the opportunity arises or you are lucky enough to be able to travel, do it!   
We all hear it, your children are born, make the time for each other, we all shake our heads and say we will, we will have date night, we will travel together, we will put the kids to bed early and just spend quality time together... just the two of us...but, how many of us actually do it??  I know I say it, I think it, I truly think I am going to do it. We plan the nights, get a sitter lined up, but we don't do it and when we is not often enough!  We in the end are only hurting ourselves, our chance of a long lasting marriage and the increased happiness of our family. 
Whether your newly married with kids or been together with older kids.  Take the time to make mommy daddy time.  Only you can do it, make the effort, make the commitment and allow your selves the time you deserve together. 
If you don't have the money for a sitter, let alone travel, put your kids to bed early and have a special date night at home.  Have a separate dinner together, cuddle and watch a love story on tv, sit outside and enjoy the stars.  There are still many options to spend time together with or without money.  Find what works for you and take the time to make mommy daddy time.  All of my best to you, Dyan
What I learned:  That I don't take enough time to make mommy daddy time.  I have made a commitment to myself, my marriage and my family to do this and will in turn have a longer happier marriage.
What I share:  New experiences with my husband, learning new things about him and building a foundation of love to last a lifetime.
I would love to hear from you.  Tell me how you work to make your marriage last.  Or what new things you have incorporated into your daily lives together to take the time for mommy daddy time.