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About Us: In the past 12 years of my daughters life, I have met so many incredible women, moms, and dads that many have become my friends. We share so much about kids and life and what works for us when we are trying to teach our kids to become the best they can be.

I can remember thinking, "How am I going to meet anyone to be friends with and for my daughter to be friends with after she is born?" My life had changed drastically from a 40 something single woman to a married and pregnant 42 year old. I never thought that I would have kids and to be blessed with one at my age was wonderful! I couldn't help thinking that I will be the oldest mom at swim, dance, gymnastics, preschool, etc. And in most cases I am, but, it hasn't mattered and I have found out that there are quite a few older moms like me!

My goal and mission is to be the best person, wife, mom and friend I can be. I have found that this is possible by sharing and learning from others.

Please email me at anytime to suggest topics or chat about what is relevant in your life [email protected], I would love to hear from you.

All my best to you,

Dyan Carbone

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